2017 - 2024

"It's hard to imagine a better life, than the one I get to lead."

- Bear Rhinehart • West Texas Wind

"Get ready...all the stories are true."

- David Crowder, Ed Cash • GHOST

Winter '23 '24

Ellipsis Trailer 1.0

They say “…write what you know…”

Across the 2024 Season we will be working on this project… our story. 

But listen closely…

Because it’s in what we don’t say, in the words that we omit, that you may find what matters most, the real story…

Winter '22 '23 Steffen 7 Season

Vibe Version - 11:22

More beats per minute.

No fluff.

S3 aka Malia 02:05

Surprise Yourself - Jack Garratt

Accomplishments and surprises…this girl is just getting started.

S4 aka Zadok 02:13

Higher Ground (Dub Mix) Red Hot Chili Peppers

Breathe 1st…’cuz you may not exhale ’till it’s done.

Full Version - 22:35

The “Family n Friends” version.

All the interviews, all the personalities. 

S1 aka Dad 04:24

No Ordinary - Labrinth

6 minutes…

Just give him those 6 minutes…and some tissue! Geeze, Dad! 

Z Stump Transition

Melt - Shaed

When you find that stump jump on a powder day and you hit it again…and again…

Malia's Cat Ski Trip

Electric Woman - Wilder Woods

Malia found a mentor and her tribe! She was able to connect with Girls with Grit, Shannon and Andy Mahre, earning a spot on a Cat Trip with them. 

She may also have landed her 2023/2023 job as a BC Tail skier! 

Burton Blossom 158

Higher Ground - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Burton comes through again! The flexi smooth Blossom blew Z’s mind on park laps – jams and ramps – it handled it all! 

Learning to FLy - 1st Day

More Than You Know - Axwell /\ Ingrosso

Big Sis’s 1st hits off the ’30’s & ’60’s. 

Like watching a baby bird being pushed out of the nest =)

Signed – Lil’ Bro #1

Burton Custom 158 2024

Meridian - Odesza

Z had some equipment issues and Burton stepped up with the hook up – a Burton Custom 2024 straight from the factory in Austria. They even printed his birthdate as the serial #! 

Closing Weekend '22/23

Goodby - Filous feat. Mat Kearney

Nobody wants to say goodbye…

Inaugural Rowdy Rail Jam Podium

You Gots To Chill - EPMD

New contest, new set up, new skills…same crew on the podium. 

Rowdy Rail Jam Promo

Flower - Moby

The Rowdy Grouse host the inaugural Rowdy Rail Jam. We wanted to help promo it!  

Inaugural Rowdy Rail Jam @ Schweitzer

You Gots To Chill - EPMD

New contest, new set up, new skills.

Winter 2023 Z's Stump /Transition

Shaed - Melt

When you find a stump, hit it over and over and…

Winter 2023 Z's Full Layout

Rock the Bells - Boys Noize

We heard the rumors, heard about all the “almosts”. Then we caught the first landing.

Summer 2022 Steffen 7

Times Like These (Accoustic) - FOO FIGHTERS

Our favorite spot sans snow! 

This was redemptive for Malia, 1st time on a drone for Z, and simply a magical time for all of us. 

Winter 2020/2021 Steffen 7

It's Only - ODESZA (feat. Zyra)(ODESZA VIP Remix)

We set out for 40…we made 38. 

38 days on the mountain as a family. 

Best season yet…

…205 days until 2021/2022 Opening Day. 


Meridian - ODESZA

Sometimes a better song gets played…

One run, one shot. Four minutes and 49 seconds.

4:49 => full day => full life.

A lifetime for a Dad and his son.


It's Only - ODESZA (feat. Zyra)(ODESZA VIP Remix)

One run, one shot. Four minutes and 49 seconds.

4:49 => full day => full life.

A lifetime for a Dad and his son.

OPENING DAY 2020 - 2021

line of sight - odesza (feat. waynne and masionair)

Schweitzer opened for season pass holders a week early this year. 

So Malia and I worked out new equipment, cameras, and old knees…off 1 lift. 

Conditions were better than expected and we scored some freshies on what was out of bounds on that day. 

Looking forward to more lifts opening and the boys joining us.

Winter 2019/2020 Steffen 7

feelings that I know - august anderrsun

Unlike any other year. 

Much of this footage was shot during the last week of the season…literally up until they closed the mountain due to something no one had ever heard of – COVID 19. 

We were staying on the mountain that week, a full month before the season was scheduled to close, and it became an odd routine:

Wake up, call down…” are the lifts opening today?”…have breakfast, ride all day, then hang out at Chimney Rock with the only people left on the mountain. There were two other families and a group of old college buddies, one now living in Manhattan, one in Chicago, I don’t recall where the third lived. 

There was a real Isaiah 22 vibe going on…”eat and drink, for tomorrow we die.”  

We would toast, pause for a  call from Manhattan with updates on the virus, and then toast again. 

Shortly after we captured the closing sequence, Z and Malia headed down an empty Stomping Grounds, mountain staff informed us it was time to leave, the mountain was closing. And just like that it all ended…and began. 

Goodbye Winter 2018-19

happy day - david crowder

Elias makes it to the Outback, Malia and Z Charge pond skimming, and a Dad’s dream is realized. 

All six of us, on Stella together. The six minutes it takes to ride the lift produced a lifetime of memories.  

Listen close…it’s not hard to hear a Dad choke up more than once.